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op werkdagen

van 9 tot 19 uur en op zaterdag van 9 tot 11 uur


Brengen & Halen

op maandag t/m vrijdag van 9 tot 11 uur,

op zaterdag van 9 tot 11 uur,

en op maandagen van 17 tot 18 uur,

altijd na telefonische afspraak

Julius Röntgenlaan 14

2264 VV Leidschendam.

070 - 327 14 47

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Not only long haired cats need grooming, short haired

cats might as well.

We love doing it, but only after your approval.


Petra Klein is the groomer and cat trimmer at PetPort.

Your cat also deserves a coat and skin treatment and before it

leaves the guesthouse it can get an ultimate pampering

treatment to feel completely refreshed.


It is also possible to book ‘spa’-time when your cat

isn’t a guest of the house.


Possibilities of grooming

  1. Elementary grooming (included in the stay)
  2. ‘Feel refreshed’ treatment (€ 10 to € 30)
  3. ‘Ultimate pampering’ treatment including washing, undercoat removal, detangling and plucking. Price starts at € 90,-.




Grooming at PetPort Cattery