Our pension fees include elementary grooming.

Eyes, ears and “under the tail” are kept clean, and where necessary, we will occasionally use a brush, provided that the guest was dropped off in a clean state and allows us to do so.

When more than simple grooming is required, you can book a special grooming treatment during your cat’s stay with us. The cat will be combed and brushed extensively by our groomer Petra Klein and is freshened up with conditioner in its fur before leaving or pension. This can particularly be desirable for long haired cats, but can also be extremely beneficial to short haired cats. The fees for this vary between 10 and 30 euro, depending on the type of fur and the condition of the fur.

For even more extensive grooming, please schedule an appointment with Trimsalon Petra Klein. Appointments for grooming can also be made without a stay at our pension..



Our grooming options

1)  Elementary grooming (standard)

2)  Refreshment 10-30 euro

3)  Major refreshment. This concerns washing, combing, detangling and plucking. Fee is about 90 euro.


Ask about the possibilities when dropping off your cat or  visit the website of Trimsalon Petra Klein.

The grooming salon of Petra Klein is located in the building of Petport / Dierenkliniek Leidschendam.


Please note: We would like to alert you to the fact that prior to every stay of your cat at Petport, you must explicitly grant us approval for grooming!






Petport can be reached by phone from monday to saturday from 9 AM - 5 PM. If you have any further questions please send us an email balie@petport.nl


Bring and pick up

on monday to saturday from 9 AM to 11 AM

(or agreed otherwise)

Julius Röntgenlaan 14

2264 VV Leidschendam.

070 - 327 14 47