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op maandag t/m vrijdag van 9 tot 11 uur,

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en op maandagen van 17 tot 18 uur,

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Julius Röntgenlaan 14

2264 VV Leidschendam.

070 - 327 14 47

Privacy statement


Basic pension fee

€ 10,70 per day for the first cat.

€ 9,45 per day for the second and subsequent cat

Peak season pension fee

  • December 23rd through January 7th 2018
  • February 16th through March 4th 2018
  • April 20th through May 7th 2018
  • July 1st through September 2nd 2018
  • October 13th through 21st October 2018
  • December 22nd through January 6th 2018

€ 12,90 per day for the first cat.

€ 11,80 per day for the second and subsequent cat.

Kattenpension Petport; Kom jij ook bij ons logeren

Long-term stay

In case of a stay of at least 60 days, we will give you a 20% discount on the overall fee.

This also applies to 30 days for 2 cats or more.


Our pension prices are inclusive of 21% VAT.

The drop-off and pick-up day are included.



Up to 3 weeks prior to the first pension day, cancellation is free of charge (off-season). For the peak season, a six week period applies. Fees are charged for cancellations 1-3 weeks prior to the first day of the stay. These fees are 50% of the original amount (off-season); and 75% (off-season) in case of less than one week in advance. Cancellation in case of illness or death of the cat or owner is free of charge, provided that we are given a written statement of the veterinarian / doctor, within one week upon our request. In case of partial cancellations, cancelled days are charged as being the first days of the booking.

What does it cost to stay at Cattery PetPort?

Kattenpension Petport; Lekker kroelen en knuffelen

Cats with diabetes fee

€ 13,90 per day 1 insulin shot per day

€ 18,65 per day 2 insulin shots per day

This is exclusive of insulin and insulin needles


Administering other medicines

€ 0.50 per day Medication once per day

€ 1.00 per day Medication twice per day