Petport can be reached by phone from monday to saturday from 9 AM - 5 PM. If you have any further questions please send us an email


Bring and pick up

on monday to saturday from 9 AM to 11 AM

(or agreed otherwise)

Julius Röntgenlaan 14

2264 VV Leidschendam.

070 - 327 14 47



Every cat is different. Some cats need special care. Our guesthouse has been divided in areas, types: The “normal” play area, the quiet area for the old and shy cats and the medical area for special diet cats and special needs cats.



Kattenpension Petport; Vrienden maken gaat heel snel


What they need

We can tell soon enough whether a cat is comfortable or not. Some cats need more time to adjust than others. The first couple of hours after arriving, a cat might like to stay in his own carrier with the door opened, to get used to the sounds and smells of other guests and the surrounding. When cats are settled in, we see some of them becoming more and more relaxed and others need more time to find their way around. We give the cat the space and ambiance it needs. Our guest can roam free, go for a stroll, play or take a rest in one of the baskets, indoors (heated area) or outdoors, it is all possible!

We also have VIP rooms, especially there for those cats that need certain medication, cats with diabetes or cats that feel more comfortable by themselves


Kattenpension Petport; Lekker kroelen en knuffelen

Kattenpension Petport; Overal plekjes om rustig te snoezen


Enjoy Life

Cuddly toys give the guesthouse a homey and cosy feel. There are also plenty of cardboard boxes to play with, fun for cats.




Peter and Christine Bracht are the owners of ‘PetPort’ (started up mid-eighties).

Christine loves cats, she values and respects their natural behaviour. She is surrounded by a team of professional cat cuddles. They help her cuddle the cats, play with them and of course clean up after them.


Kattenpension Petport; Lekker kroeilen en knuffelen

Inside, outside, comfortable and sheltered