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Booking form Cattery PET PORT
If your cat has never stayed at our pension, please fill out the form below. Has your cat stayed at our pension before? If so, please book via e-mail ( or by phone (0031 (0) 70-3271447).
The undersigned declares to have taken cognizance of the conditions listed under the menu ‘Admission requirements’ and agrees to them and books as follows:
First name cat*:
Last name cat*:
Date of birth (dd-mm-yyyy):
Make a choice: Not applicable
Chip Identification Number:
Hair type: Long haired
Short haired
Photo of your cat:
Veterinarian name*:
Please specify what behavior mostly identifies your cat: Social towards people
Social towards cats
Eats well
Eats poorly
Any other characteristics you wish to add:
Food brand:
Is your cat on a special diet?: No
If yes, which food:
Is your cat on medication?: No
If so, which medication:
Is the cat on permanent or temporary medication: Permanent
Diabetes cat: No
Amount of insulin:
Shot timeslot:
We would like to have an overview of all vaccinations (with the exception of the Rabies vaccination) your cat has received in its lifetime. Please provide the form below or provide us with a copy of the vaccination booklet.
Vaccination 1; Type:
Vaccination date (dd-mm-yyyy):
Vaccination 2; Type:
Vaccination date (dd-mm-yyyy):
Vaccination 3; Type:
Vaccination date (dd-mm-yyyy):
Vaccination 4; Type:
Vaccination date (dd-mm-yyyy):
Vaccination 5; Type:
Vaccinatie datum (dd-mm-jjjj):
Vaccination 6; Type:
Vaccination date (dd-mm-yyyy):
Please note that the flea treatment may not be older than 1 month and the anti-worm treatment may not be older than 3 months on the day of arrival in our pension.
This requirement also applies to cats that ‘never’ have worms or flees, to offer them optimal protection in an area where there is more risk of contamination than at home.
Brand anti-flea treatment*:
Date last applied (dd-mm-yyyy)*:
Brand anti-worm treatment*:
Date last applied (dd-mm-yyyy)*:
Zip code*:
Email address*:
Phone number(s)*:
Plenipotentiary / Contactperson who can pick up the cat if nenecessary:
His/her phone number:
Day of drop-off (dd-mm-yyyy)*:
Day of pick-up (dd-mm-yyyy)*:
Any additional comments:
Thank you for your registration. We will process it and send you a confirmation as soon as possible.
Hoping to see you soon.
Team Cattery Petport and Dierenkliniek Leidschendam

Your cat is your best mate, and we understand that you definitely want to know that he is in a sense at his lodging address. Of course, you are welcome to see if PetPort is the place where he can come soon.

Email or call us for a visit and introduction so that we can schedule enough time for you. 


Do you already know when your cat can come to stay with us? Then you can already fill out our registration form down below to reserve a place.

A number of household matters in advance:

  • A valid vaccination against cat disease and cat flu is required and must be given at least two weeks before arrival.
  • Cats that have not been inoculated for more than a year should receive a repetition.
    • The cat flu inoculation is valid for 1 year,
    • The cat disease inoculation is valid for 3 years.
    • Katers should be castrated from 7 months.
    • Everyone who comes to stay with us must be treated against fleas and worms.

Please do not forget to bring the cat passport when you bring your cat for the first time of after he received a new vaccination. 

The stay and additional costs incurred during the stay (obviously only after your permission) will be settled retrospectively.







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Julius Röntgenlaan 14

2264 VV Leidschendam.

070 - 327 14 47